Why did you make HALI?

HALI is actually named after one of its creator’s teenaged cousin, Hali. She and her friends inspired us by using their mobile phones to enhance their neighborhood-wide games of “Manhunt” by texting each other taunts and clues. Seeing kids spontaneously incorporate technology into a game that has been around since before even *we* were kids, it was clear to us that kids today want to use the technology of their everyday lives to enhance their play. So, we made HALI!
What excites us about HALI is how it extends the physical world. HALI is not about staring into a screen and maneuvering graphic objects, it’s about running, hiding, and *playing* out in the real world! We’re also proud of HALI’s prospects for exposing younger players to map-reading and other spatial skills.

Do I need a mobile phone to play?

While HALI is at its core a team-based Hide & Seek game, you do need a mobile phone to play. (We currently only provide an iPhone version, but are working on supporting other platforms.) HALI’s mobile app acts as a heads-up display for the game, providing a twist that has never before been available to Hide & Seek players.

Why does the map update so slowly? It doesn’t change as I move!

In order to save battery life, HALI acquires your position and transmits it to our servers only once every ten seconds. The positions of the other players are retrieved and updated on the map every 10 seconds as well.

Are you logging my position throughout the entire game?

We do not log your position as you move during the game. Your last position is all that is stored, and the only information that is retained is the last location you reported before the game ended. (This is to provide a snapshot of the finale of the game.) This information will be purged on a routine basis as the game database is cleaned up.

Where is the best location to play HALI?

The ideal location for a HALI game is a large park or neighborhood. HALI’s boundaries are currently set at 1km from the starting position. While it is totally playable in smaller areas, we envision HALI as a neighborhood game. It’s more fun if you have space to run!
Can I change the game duration?
Currently, there are few options for game creators to alter. We will likely be adding greater control of the game parameters in the future, based on customer demand.

I’m having a problem with the app. How can I get help?

Please contact us at support@haligame.com.

I have a feature request. Can I ask for it?

Of course! While we can’t promise to implement all requests, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at findme@haligame.com for all inquiries other than support issues.

If you have any problems installing or playing HALI, please contact us at support@haligame.com.