Introduction to Mobile Games with Android


The syllabus is a roadmap for the class, but there may be changes along the way based on the pace of the students.
  1. Class 1
    House Keeping (Go over syllabus, Intros, Course Overview, assignments, etc)
    Install Eclipse/Processing/Proclipsing
    Game development in Processing

    Assignment 1:

    -Read Canabolt Post Mortem:

    -Play Canabolt:

    -Make a Processing game involving only mouse input, circles, rectangles, and images (Due Class 3)

    -Play with Nexus One

  1. Class 2
    Discussion of Canabolt
    Install Android
    Create Project based on Sample Code
    Start discussion of Android Activities

    Assignment 2:

    -Finish Processing Game

    -Play a casual game, be prepared to discuss it

    -Reading: A Casual Revolution

  1. Class 3
    Review of Sample Code: AnimationActivity
    Discuss casual games
    Present Processing Games
    Speaker: Charles Pratt

    Assignment 3:

    -Port Processing Game to Android (Due Class 5)

    -Play Passage

    -Reading: The Video-Game Programmer Saving Our 21st-Century Souls

  1. Class 4
    Discuss games as art
    Field trip to "No Quarter"
    Review of Sample Code: GestureActivity
    Discussion of combining GestureActivity and AnimationActivity

    Assignment 4:

    -Finish Port to Processing Game to Android

  1. Class 5
    Review Game Development/General Questions
    Device Independant Pixels
    Intro to Objects
    Guest Speakers: Larva Labs

    Assignment 5:

    -Final Game Proposals (Due Class 7)
  1. Class 6
    Play Ported Games
    Review of Sample Code: AccelerometerActivity
    Intro Android Layouts
    In Class Game Design Jam

    Assignment 6:

    -Final Game Proposals (Due Class 7)

    -Play each other's games
    -Reading: Duke Nukem Forever

  1. Class 7
    Connecting Layouts to Activities
    Game Proposals
    Animated Sprites
    Game Discussion
    Intro to Level Editors

    Assignment 7:

    -Begin Final Projects

  1. Class 8
    Register for Gamestar Mechanic
    More Layouts
    Android Stack
    Intro to preferences
    Debug walk through

    Assignment 8:

    -Play Gamestar Mechanic

    -Play Retro Defense
    -Play Desktop Tower Defense
    -Play Robodefense

  1. Class 9
    Discuss Games
    Simple Physics
    Simple Motion
    Music and Sounds
    Gamestar Mechanic
    Guest Speaker
  1. Class 10
    Homework Questions
    Game/Application Development Roles
    Useful libraries (Analytics, Admob, ScoreNinja, etc)
  1. Class 11
    Publishing your App
    In Class Hack-a-thon
  1. Class 12
    Final Presentations