Wiz War

In this battle of wills, use your wizardly powers and cunning to be the last wizard standing! Use your phone as a controller for this large scale wizard dueling game. Attack, reflect, and meditate to store energy. Which move you make depends on the moves your opponents make…and vice versa!

Short Order

With Gigantic Mechanic Short Order is a fast-paced game about teamwork that gets the whole family playing together. Kids and adults work together playing waiters and line chefs in one of the craziest kitchens in town. You only have a couple of minutes to to serve up as many wacky dishes as you can. Each […]

Sesame Street Boxheads

By Gigantic Mechanic Role: Game Design, Programming n Sesame Street Boxheads, kids with tablets control grownups wearing boxes and headsets in a real live video game. Unable to see where they are going, the grownups listen for audio commands like “turn” “go forward” and “grab the cookie!” The kids use the arrows on the tablets […]

Caves of Wonder

Caves of Wonder is an interactive art piece I developed at ITP in Daniel Shiffman’s Big Screens class. Caves of Wonder was built specifically for the screen wall at the IAC Center in New York. It portrays the wall not as screens, but as a window into space. The wall becomes a view into deep […]