made by Matt Parker at ITP

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motionLife is an interactive art piece I developed at ITP with Will McDonald in Dan O'Sullivan Computational Camera's class.

motionLife plays with the concept of how our movements affect the world around us. It shows an artistic representation of the scene in front of it, that constantly oscillates slightly. As the observer moves, the screen explodes in a shower of particles (representing how everything we observe is made up smaller parts), that dance and bounce back into place over time.

Observers can respond to the piece with huge sweeping gestures, keeping the scene in chaotic motion. Alternatively, they can keep very still and make small motions, cause a scene that mirrors reality, but slightly askew.

I'd like to thank the from people at ITP, Eyebeam, and OpenFrameworks. Special thanks to Will McDonald, Dan O'Sullivan, Dave Spector and Zach Lieberman.

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