LumarcaLibrary class: drawLine(PVector color, PVector top, PVector bottom)


   void setup(){
   		Lumarca lumarca = new LumarcaLibrary(this, 256, false);  //create LumarcaLibrary
    void draw() {
           Line[] lines = lumarca.getLines();                //Get all Lumarca Lines
           for (int lineNum = 0; lineNum < lines.length; lineNum++) { //Go through all the lines
            	Line line = lines[lineNum];                   //Get each line                   
           	lumarca.drawLine(new PVector(0, 0, 1),, line.bottom);  //draw each line


    Draw line a solid color, with white dots at the top and bottom.


    PVector color
      This PVector sets the color of the line. The x is the red value, the y is the green value, and the blue is the y value.
      Note: Lumarca colors go from 0-1, not 0-255. So if you want something to be half red, the value is 0.5.
    PVector top
      The coordinates of the top of the line.
    PVector bottom
      The coordinates of the bottom of the line.


    drawLine(PVector color, PVector top, PVector bottom)
    drawLineNoDots(PVector color, PVector top, PVector bottom)
    drawShape(PVector color, Shape shape)
    drawShapeNotDots(PVector color, Shape shape)