Lumarca: Gallery

The Gallery shows my work, as well as content developed by other artists for and related to lumarca.

Srihari Sritharan used Lumarca w/ Ardunio in a collaboration between Brown University and RISD:

Diego Maranan’s “I’m Sorry Because It’s Useful” performance incorporated a Lumarca:

“I’m Sorry Because It’s Useful” (2011) links the theme of remorse with themes of environmental justice, including climate change and the actions of mining companies in the developing world. (Learn more about Canadian mining companies and the impact they’ve had on indigenous territories in the Philippines through this factsheet:Canadian Mining in the Philippines. A potions of the proceeds from the performance of this work at Interplay Projects goes towards supporting <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Salamin at Maskara (“Mirror and Mask”)</a>, two community-based theater youth groups in the Philippines organized by WeDpro, a non-profit collective in the Philippines that protects human rights by defending the rights of women, youth and their communities.

The piece used technologies originally developed by Albert Hwang and Matt Parker. Donna Miranda and Mark Gilbore collaborated during the performance. Learn more about the piece on

Albert’s original WireMap:

Elliot Woods developed lightscape 3d out of Albert Hwang’s original WireMap:

With a lot of help from Anderson Miller, Thomas Gerhardt and I connected his awesome thesis project, the mudtubwith Lumarca. The results were very satisfying.

This is a FFT sound visualization writtern in Chuck by C. Anderson Miller, sent to a Lumarca Content Program where it was displayed and extruded over depth.

Lumarca at the New York Hall of Science Gala: