Recurse makes for a new gaming experience with your iPad.  Instead of touching the screen, you play by moving your body, flailing your limbs, and throwing your inhibitions to the wind.  You may lose yourself in the game as you play, but the candid photo revealed at the end shows you’re willing to look like a […]


Duello is a 2 player duelling game with Wiimotes. Each player has a Wiimote “gun”, that they use to shoot the other player. The first to hit the other player with a shot wins. There are 2 modes, Gentleman’s Blood and High Noon.In High Noon mode, it’s an old west quick draw. Gentleman’s Blood is […]

Gold Key Achiever

by Matt Parker, Syed Salahuddin, Michael Parker, and Dominic Matar Gold Key Achiever is a game made for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which provides scholarships to students who show excellence in 29 different categories, including Video Game Design.  It’s a simple platform jumper that uses the iconography of the awards on which they […]


Development tools to facilitate using Eclipse to write Processing applications. The purpose of Proclipsing is to lower the difficulty of using Processing in Eclipse. We are currently in Beta Release. Here is a screencast on how to setup: It allows you to easily create a Processing project in eclipse by simply putting in the path to your Processing […]


Why sit on the couch and play a video game when you can play one in real life? HALI makes your iPhone a Heads Up Display (HUD) while playing a team Hide and Seek game outside, showing the location of teammates and opponents! HALI (Hide and Locate Intruders) divides players into two teams, Hiders and […]


Lucid is a game about a little boy called Hermin and his dreams. The objective is to guide Hermin through various dreams throughout the night. Along the way you help him collect various prizes, get points and avoid obstacles that disturb his sleep. Hermin loses a sheep everytime he hits an obstacle. Once all his […]


WiiDraw is a new and exciting way to interact with TV. It allows you to draw on top of the images that appear on your TV screen, using a Nintendo WiiMote as a pen. It also currently supports this following functionality: * Draw on Screen (hold down A button) * Clear Screen (shake wiimote) * […]

Caves of Wonder

Caves of Wonder is an interactive art piece I developed at ITP in Daniel Shiffman’s Big Screens class. Caves of Wonder was built specifically for the screen wall at the IAC Center in New York. It portrays the wall not as screens, but as a window into space. The wall becomes a view into deep […]

Snow Man

Snow Man is a piece that was commissioned for the Crystal Winter exhibit at the New York Hall of Science. It allows the viewer to experience what it would be like if they were the heart of the storm. The user stands in front of the screen and sees a snowman mirroring them. The sound […]


motionLife is an interactive art piece I developed at ITP with Will McDonald in Dan O’Sullivan Computational Camera’s class. motionLife plays with the concept of how our movements affect the world around us. It shows an artistic representation of the scene in front of it, that constantly oscillates slightly. As the observer moves, the screen […]